Polyethylene Bag Manufacturing Process

Bag Making or "Converting"

Either plain rolls from the extruder line or printed rolls form our presses are delivered to the bag making area of our plant. A myriad of sizes and options are available.

Roll stock is loaded onto bag making machines where repetitive bottom seal or side seal converting takes place to produce individual bags from the large rolls. Holes, vents, slits, perforations, handle punching, wicketting, header sealing and ziplocking are some of the many options available in each production run.

After the rolls of tubing are converted into one of many styles and types of bags, the bags are packed into boxes, stacked and wrapped on pallets in preparation for shipment.

Lamination Roll Stock

At Richmond Plastics we use the highest quality of film for lamination. Our laminator gives us the ability to produce a wide variety of products to meet specific customer requirements.

By using solventless adhesives we are able reduce cure time for quicker compliance with FDA food safety regulations and improved logistics with shorter lead times.

Pouch Machine

Our pouch making machines have the ability of producing three sided, zip-lock, open die cut handle and vented pouch bags.

It can run dual or single lane to meet a variety of styles with superior quality and efficiency.

Wicketed or Industrial Bags

Operable in speeds of over 300 cycles per minute, our Wicketer machines are ideal for high-speed production. The wicketers are capable of producing bags with maximum dimensions of 610mm by 680mm allowing for a large variety of bags with different applications.

Wicket poly bags are often bundled together and have a perforated lip so they tear off quickly and easily. They are either flat or have a bottom gusset to provide extra space and are made from low and high density polyethylene. Wicketed bags are used for food packaging, newspapers, apparel, hosiery, bakeries and parts.

Side & Bottom Seal

side-machineOur line up of side and bottom seal machines give us the ability to produce a variety of handle types including die cut, fold over die cut, and patch handles.

The newest addition to the conversion department includes a Universal bag-making machine ideal for high-speed production.

It can produce bags with maximum dimensions of 800mm ideal for a large variety of applications. The machine is capable of handling many complex structures including bottom seal, side seal, patch handle, zip lock, vented, and bottom gusset bags.

Our versatile line up of presses allows us to print small quantities of bags and also to handle large print runs of a week or more.

We can consistently meet deadlines while achieving consistent, quality results.

Bread Bags

Bread Bags

Ice Bags

Ice Bags

Retail Bags

Reclosable Bags

Dog Waste Bags