Oxo-Bio Environmental Friendly Bags Proven 100% Biodegradable

Like A Fallen Leaf, It Will Disappear Overtime

Richmond Plastics was one of the first manufactures in North America to offer biodegradable plastic, and continues to work with suppliers to keep ahead of the curve in environmental options.

How does Oxo-Biodegradability work?

Additives are blended with polyethylene resins (plastic bags core ingredient) during production. Once made, the plastic will have special degradation properties that have no impact on productivity or the integrity of the product.
Within 18-24 months after the product is disposed of, the products will degrade into biomass. This is triggered by heat input, sunlight, and mechanical stress as described in ASTM D6954-04.

Bio degradable Carrier Bag

   Customized degradable and biodegradable additives: formulated for compost, agricultural, and landfill environments including inadvertent litter disposal.

   Ideal for single use or limited life cycle applications. A cost effective and competitively priced product.

   Complies with FDA (USA) and EFSA (re. applicable EU legislation concerning food-contact materials).

   No change to sealability, printability or tensile strength.

   Product quality and production rates unchanged.

   Endorsed by EPI's International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) and the OxoBiodegradable Plastics Institute (OPI).

   No adverse toxicological effects or by-products.

   Recyclable (pre and post-consumer prior to degradation) and reusable until noticeable breakdown with no harm.

   Proven to degrade in a landfill environment, ultimately taking up less landfill space.

   Helps reduce waste and will assist in the reduction of greenhouse gases.

1 This product, when discarded in soil or commercial compost in the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen, will BIODEGRADE decomposing into simple materials found in nature, as described in ASTM D 6954 - 04. 2 This product is DEGRADABLE when discarded in landfill within 12 to 24 months.

The environmental claims statements represented above are provided to EPI's licensees merely as representative examples, and therefore EPI disclaims any and all liability in connection with its use by licensees. Licensees shall perform their own due diligence and obtain their own independent advice relating to any and all environmental claims statements made or declared by the licensee with respect to products incorporating EPI's TDPA® additives. However, EPI's legal counsel, Keller and Heckman LLP, have provided legal opinions to EPI stating that the above claims are appropriately qualified to meet the relevant legal and regulatory requirements for environmental claims both in the United States and the European Union, including but not limited to requirements under the Federal Trade Commission Guides. Nevertheless, for environmental claims statements made or declared in the state of California, licensees are referred to the California Public Resources Code, Division 30, Part 3, Chapter 5.7, Sections 42355 - 42357, for guidance.

“Use Richmond Plastics’ totally degradable plastic carrier bags and reduce the impact on the environment.”


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